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618 Shanghai Street 上海街618號

Hong Kong follows other metropolitan cities in a lot of things: architecture, culture, art and conservation. My post about street art talked about one of the highlights in Sai Ying Pun . A number of local and international artists re-livened the area with vibrant and energetic colours.  Unfortunately, the outcomes of conservation efforts are not all pleasing. Lately, I visited a group of renewed buildings at 618 Shanghai Street . It was heavily advertised when it was opened to the public. I waited to avoid curious crowds. from Urban Renewal Authority Shanghai Street is situated near Yaumatei and between two piers, Mong Kok Ferry Pier and Jordan Road Ferry Piers. Numerous boat-dwellers landed here to shop their daily necessities. Adding that Yaumatei was the earliest developed area in Kowloon, Shanghai Street became a transportation and commercial hub during the 1920s. from Urban Renewal Authority Hong Kong has evolved from a fishing village to a modern metropolita

Tate's Cairns to Tsz Wan Shan / Wong Tai Sin 大老山至慈雲山/黃大仙

As I returned to Hong Kong after my first big trip to Europe in 1991, a new tunnel was seen near my home, the Tate's Cairn Tunnel . It greatly enhanced the traffic from Shatin to Kowloon East and Hong Kong Island. The meteorological station  大老山氣象站 on top of the hill always stands proudly there. One day, I walked closer to it but was still far away. It's on the day that I walked from the Tate's Cairn Tunnel to Wong Tai Sin .  It took only slightly over two hours. I just walked up from my village to the Tate's Cairn Tunnel. You can take any bus passing the tunnel and get off right there. Get over the foot bridge closer to the tunnel and walk towards the hill. You will see a big path easily. Soon, you will pass by a pond with clear water. The environment is peaceful and calm. It is said that the water is healthy and clean. People come with buckets and trolley to gather water home. Just follow the path straight ahead. The street is steep. Hikers coming