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Shanghai 2011 April

Another time in Shanghai, a few hours prior to heavy working days.  The Bund was my first choice, for a glance of the skyscrapers, people enjoying their leisure time in the early evening.  The Bund can be reached by underground.  Arrive at NanjingEast and take exit 2, turn to the street of the same name and walk to the end.  The Bund is certainly interesting and a highlight.  But family and people gathering there to enjoy a nice weekend is also a pleasure to observe.  Gadgets seem a fashion nowadays, older or younger generation. Strolling along the  Bund, its groups of historical buildings and along NanjingEast Road seems like back to the old days.  Peace hotel 和平飯店 has a spendid lobby with gorgeous art / sculpture reflecting life in Shanghai of the time.  Music played in the lobby, guards watching everybody to prevent photo shooting. My time at the Bund and NanjingEast Road came to an end very quickly.  It's time to rush back to the hotel to meet a busin

Jardin De Jade, Shanghai

Double A, Alex and Ada plus myself had dinner together after a busy day.  February days were still cold in Shanghai but tolerable. Ada took us to a sumptuous restaurant, Jardin De Jade 蘇淅 at ChinAn District.  I am not a person of spicy food.  However, among all the dishes, the spicy beef was my favourite.  The assimilation of chilly spice into the tender beef.  Spice rose within the mouth, woke up the mind, the taste bud, pleased one's feeling.  Great! Shanghaiese food serves cold appetizers.  Stick to the eating convention, we ordered spring onion chicken and smoked fish.  Both served to delight us.  Good job! Deep fried shrimps, hmm, not as adorable as its cousin, river shrimps.  Some left on the dish.  Vegetable dishes were fine and light.  Spicy soup, one serving was far too big for three of us, no matter how nice it was.      Fried juicy dumplings were a substitute of 生煎飽.  Minced pork wrapped in flour pastry.  A typical savory snack.  We wer

Lago (Lake) Como

14 Sep 2010 My second time in the area, Lago Como .  Back around 10 years ago, we hopped between towns along the lake.  This time, with the same trip partner, we went to the town Como by train.  It takes about an hour from Milan Cadorna station and costs not so much.  It was a nice day, blessed with sunshine, blue sky and awesome scenery. Our first spot is Basilica Sant'Abbondio, a bit outside of the town. It's Romanesque, raw and mighty among the other architectural styles. Inside are fabulous frescos. The church has been standing for over 1000 years. Isn't it great? The most striking momoment in the town centre is definitely the cathedral, mixed Gothic and Renaissance styles. It stands at the focal point of the busiest square. Facing it are a few restarants. Mostly pricey and touristic but one in the corner offered pizza along with water, coffee at a very affordable price. A good deal and a good place to glimpse Italian life. September, no longer peak se

Yongfoo Elite, Shanghai

Working late, colleagues were waiting for me for dinner. No idea of where to go and it turned out a very nice place with exquisite decor recalling the old days in Shanghai. Yong Foo Elite , brings you back to 1930s, luxury and indulgence. Sumptuous food, Chinese singing 崑曲 . What a wonderful night! A colleague is a member to this club and so were we there, a privilege.  The appetizers confirmed that the restaurant as a good one.  Cold pork with chestnut,  Roman lettuce with a soy wasabi dressing, refreshing yet a modern chic. Shanghaiese and fusion, a good start and excellent impression. River shrimps, simple but delicate. The taste still lingers as I am writing about it more than a month later.   Sweet and sour fish cooked with pine nut, unforgettable.  I was full but could not resist to take a bite after the other.  So good!  Beef ribs cooked western way in a creamy sauce, were tender and juicy. Sashimi, two kinds of raw fish, served with radish and cucumber, was