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We visited  Bamberg  two days prior to my birthday. It is a Bavarian town honoured with UNESCO for its authentic medieval appearance.  It is also called Bavaria Rome as it has seven hills around. It took half hour to 45 minutes by train from Nürnberg to Bamberg.  It's quite some distance to walk to the town centre. Never mind, the buildings on the way are beautiful. Our first important tourist spot is the town hall (Rathus), built on River Regnitz.  Originally it's Gothic style but later added with Baroque and Rococo elements. The Fachwerk part hanging over the river is the point which most photographed.  But the main building is also very beautiful.  Don't overlook it.   We soon moved to the square where the Cathedral stands.  The square is huge. Surrounding are the old court ( Alte Hofhaltung ), New Residenz and Rose Garden .  The Cathedral was founded in 1004 by the emperor Henry II.  Inside stand many gorgeous sculptures.  Of the most i