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Veletržní palác - Sculpture

This gorgeous sculptured relief in Art-nouveau style is from Stanislav Sucharda . It is composed of bronze, red marble and onyx.  From far are the Strahov Monastery , Saint Nicholas Church and Saint Vitus Cathedral .  On the foreground is Charles Bridge.  The male is the City of Prague and the female, the Vltava River. Otakar Švec - Motorcyclist Another example is Otakar Švec 's motorcyclist. It is a frozen moment of a motorcycle round a sharp bend.  Full of motion!  Famous artists are not lacking.  Examples of big name are Picasso , Otto Gutfreund , Karel Nepras , Rodin , etc.  The works from other less known artists are superb.  Tour around to be amazed.  Cubist bronze by Pablo Picasso Otto Gutfreund Karel Nepras - Big Dialog Otto Gutfreund - Don Quixote Auguste Rodin - John the Baptist Sculpture Girl with Absinthe - Bedrich Stefan     

Veletržní palác - Classic and Impressionist Paintings

Veletržní palace  is part of the National Gallery.  Its exhibits are around art of the 20th and 21st century.  There are also collections of French painters and modern art from Czech Republic and other countries.  The building has a central stunning atrium rising through many floors. This article shows some older and impressionist paintings.  The exhibits were impressive.  Both Czechs art and foreign art impressed the visitors.   Emanuel Krescenc Liška  Christian Ruben - Columbus Discover the Shore of America 1846 Karel Vitezslav Masek - Slavnost jara Impressionist Painting  Claude Monet Claude Monet - Orchard in Bloom 1879 Alfred Sisley - the Bourgogne Lock at Moret 1882 Camille Pissarro - Garden at Val Hermeil 1880 Paul Cezanne - The House in Aix-en_Provence 1885-87 Paul Gaugain - Bonjour Monsieur Gaugain 1889 Vincent van Gogh - Green Corn 1889 Paul Signac - L'Hirondelle Steamer on the Seine19


Vyšehrad is a former fortification in Prague.  It changed hands a few times. Abandoned for a long period, every restoration was massive.  A few important art and sightseeing points worth a climb. At the bottom next to the river stands the powerful rock. The way up takes you through some streets of the community.  Quiet, not as busy as the Hradčany . Basilica of St Peter and St Paul is the most prominent point of the fortification, parallel in rival to Prague Castle. The basilica dated back to 11th century, originally a Romanesque church.  The rebuild was Gothic style after a fire in the 13th century.  Subsequently, it evolved to neo-gothic style. The most important piece of art is the stone mosaics right at the entry.  Beautiful craftsmanship!   Another church, Romanesque Rotunda of St Martin , from the 11th century still keeps its original style over the centuries. It is the oldest among the 3 surviving Romanesque churches in Prague.