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12 Feb 2014 Bayon is the most impressive temple monument during our visit to the Angkor Archaeological Park .  It is very unique.  Mountains of face-towers dotted like a forest, with ascending peaks. Most face-towers have 4 faces, all smiling sincerely and friendly. Arriving the spot, you will find bas relief of the galleries.  Wars, daily life scenes dotted the place. They are beautiful and telling the life in the past visually. Chinese soldiers   A woman playing with children   Cooking a deer A woman pssing a goose to a soldier Wrestlers At Bayon there are chambers that you can pass through.   You won't miss the giant linga.

Banteay Srei

15 Feb 2014   Banteay Srei is a remarkably beautiful and small non-royal temple.  Almost everything is decorated admirably.  It is situated more than 20 km north of Angkor. The major part is sitting in the middle of an artifical lake, adding aesthetic beauty and romance to the temple. It was built by Yajnavaraha , a guru of the future king Jayavarman V .  The original name was Tribhuvanamahesvara - 'Great Lord of the Threefold World' but lately 'Citadel of Women'.   Banteay Srei is small but volume of tourists is huge.  It is too much to be accommodated.  Coaches and individuals all arrived in the morning to take advantage of the correct light for photo shoot. Near the entrance awaits you the motif of Indra sitting on a 3-headed elephant.  Somewhere in the temple, another motif shows the same story.  Nearby is Narasimha clawing Hiranyakasipu. Indra sitting on 3-headed elephant Narasimha clawing Hirany