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Croatia Trip - Day 7 - Sibenik in the morning and early afternoon

Sibenik is a tranquil and romantic town.    The famous white St Jacob Cathedral is listed as one of the UNESCO sites.  It is white, simple yet elegant.  In my opinion, one of the most beautiful churches in Croatia.  Outside the church is full of statues, head and face sculptures. St Michael is stepping on the devil on top of a facade. One needs good eyes to admire the beauty, especially on a sunny day.  You should not miss out the exquisite baptistery at the basement of the Cathedral.  It's marvelous.  The ceiling is beautifully crafted with angels within each of the four quarters.  It's difficult to keep your eyes off.  My eyes kept admiring the art and my neck soared.   The baptistery was closed during the mid-day.  Luckily it was reopened in the afternoon, else it would be a big missing part of visiting Sibenik.   Wandering along the lanes and houses in Sibenik is joyful.  Then we ascended to St Anne's Fortress to have a superb panoramic view of the town, p