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Chiang Mai - Khuntoke Dinner

It's the last night of our stay in Chiang Mai.  After a day of walking, we arrived at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre for a sumptuous  Khuntoke dinner and dance show.  It cost 520B per person for a meal, beautiful traditional and hill tribe dances.  Best to reserve earliest as possible to secure a table at the front.  We called in the morning and could get only the position of the second row. It is called Khuntoke meal because it is served on a wooden pedestal tray.  Khuntoke dinner is a tradition for centuries, dating back to the establishment of the Lanna Dynasty. It is dinner or lunch served by a host to its guest at various ceremonies or parties.  Authentic northern Thai delicacies are served.  Our dinner menu: Pork curry, fried chicken, fried pork skin, pork tomato chili paste, chicken soup, crispy rice noodles, fried pumpkin, fresh/boiled vegetables, sticky rice/steamed rice.  It ended with tea / coffee and fruits.  Then the show started. First was candle