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23 July 2014 It was a sunny day.  We headed to Coburg with the Bavarian ticket .  The journey from Nürnberg to Coburg was about 1 hour 40 minutes with local train.   The line passes through Bamberg , an Unesco city.  The train is modern.   You can have electricity connection, e.g. charging your iphone.  Coburg Marktplatz (Market Square) Originally, Coburg belonged to Thüringen region but switched to Bavaria in 1920. A few remarks of the city: Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha married Britain's Queen Victoria Martin Luther lived 6 months in Veste Coburg.  There he continued to translate the Bible into German Coburg Evangelische Stadtkirche St. Moriz Coburg is a rich city.     The town is clean and well structured.  Major touristic signs include: Veste Coburg, Hof Garten , Marktplatz (Market Square), Schloss Ehrenburg , State Theater , Schloss Rosenau , Schloss Callenberg , Evangelische Stadtkirche St. Moriz , etc.  Cob