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Kaohsiung 高雄, 紅毛港

The first sight of Kaohsiung from the air, a small port with oil refinery and low rise buildings around.  Sunshine but hazy.  My taxi driver is an extrovert, a sweet impression of the city. I came here to deliver a training and train a trainer.  It's lucky to have a habour view room. A nice shot of the evening before heading to dinner at a local high end seafood restaurant.  You don't need to have an address to find this seafood restaurant, 紅毛港 .  It is better to go with a crowd to try different food.  Its mutton hotpot with homemade meatball blended with taro or Taiwanese basil is excellent!  Sashimi is also outstanding.  Sweetness of raw shrimps still lingers my memory. This time is a small group of colleagues.  We ordered two sets of the same menu.  It's good but the last memory is still dominant, making this time a bit inferior.  Nevertheless, a good time with Adeline and Carol. Marinated cabbage is said to be the most popular cold appertizer.