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We had quite a long sightseeing list of Portuguese cities. 4th May 2018 was the best day with sunshine.  So, it was reserved for Sintra .  Setubal and Ericeira also require sunshine.  Obidos is a small charming town and we would like to visit definitely.  So, 3rd May was picked. Obidos is a medieval fortified town. It is still surrounded by a city wall. One can enjoy wonderful views over the terracotta tiled roofs with white painted houses decorated with sharp blue, yellow, etc. The panoramic views of the surroundings are green and soothing. The entire walk takes about an hour. There are almost no safety railings.  You need a bit courage and stamina.  Children could do it.  Therefore, no doubt, you can walk through. The main gate entering Obidos contains a beautiful chapel with blue and white glazed tiles ( Azulejo ) dated 18th century. At time a young guy was playing instrument and a dark knight standing to receive money. A striking enormous castle st


A visit to Lisbon will also include sightseeing at the neighbour towns: Sintra , Obidos , Cascais , Sesimbra , Mafra , Evora and Serra da Arribida (if you drive).  Sintra and Obidos are packed with tourists.  Evora is quite distant. Marfa is closer and relatively quiet.  It is a pretty town and has one of the largest and most extravagant palaces in Europe, the Palacio de Mafra . Mafra Palace was constructed by King John V in thanks for having a healthy heir, Maria Barbara who became the queen of Spain. The king married to Queen Maria Anna .  They did not have healthy children.  So he vowed to construct a great monastery if he was provided an heir.  The wish has worked and they had 6 children further more. Originally, the construction was meant for a convent of housing 13 friars. But the influx of gold from Brazil allowed the project scope vastly expanded for 330 friars. State rooms were added to the original design. The convent became a palace and as a hunting retreat for t