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Marktbreit am Main is a little medieval town (3,700 inhabitants) in the district of Kitzingen at the the Lower Franconia in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated at the most southern point of the Main river . Marktbreit is the birthplace of Alois Alzheimer who first identified the symptoms of what is now known as Alzheimer's Disease . Marktbreit is filled with buildings of different architecture styles. The most dominant is the typical Fachwerk , timber framing / post and beam construction. Other major styles include Gothic, Renaissance, etc. The little town is like a dream place, a fairy tale setting. Love it! We arrived at the railway station at around 10 am. It is a tiny cute building at the top of the town. Just descend down, you will be amazed with the charming buildings around. And within a few minutes you will come to the centre. We started our visit to the St. Nikolai Church . The protestant church “St. Nicolai” consists of a late Gothic presbytery and an early Gothic tow


Pappenheim is situated on the river Altmühl , 11 km south of Weißenburg in Bavaria . Its major attractions are its mighty castle standing proudly on a hill, willow church built by a group of youth, historical buildings, churches, etc.  Pappenheim is one of the stops served by VGN S-bahn which connects people within the Great Nürnberger Land . We headed to Solnhofen in the morning, further to Pappenheim and then returned to Katzwang . The comfortable journey from Pappenheim to Katzwang was around 1 hour 10 minutes, with two changes in between. Waiting time of each transit was just a few minutes. We felt welcome when we entered into Pappenheim . A stone lady stretched her arms to welcome us. A half bald guy showed us the way. The town was quiet during the weekend. Colourful buildings saying hello to every pedestrian. The pharmacy Hoechstetter Apotheke Pappenheim in a green and red building was charming with flowers at every window. The Neues Schloß and Rotes Brauhaus added liveline