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Chiang Mai Practicalities

  We had our first visit to Chiang Mai in January.  Nice change of temperature from the freezing Hong Kong.  The view before the landing was patches of green fields, trees and the Ping River.  Very nice! Let's this article focus on the practicalities. Transit from the airport and in Chiang Mai A Chiang Mai travel book advised to register at the airport taxi counter.  I tell you, don't.  It took an hour to be picked up.  Very chaotic!  Just go to where people arrive, wave hand to any red car (Songthaews), ask for the price and get go.  Our taxi cost 150B for 2 persons.  Red car can be 80B.   For travelling within the city, red car costs 20B per person.  It drops you anywhere.  Tuk tuk costs 30B per person. Accommodation The price range can vary much.  We stayed at 20 Lodge .  Price at Agoda is 2100B.  Walk in is 3000B.  We cancelled the Chiang Rai trip and needed to stay one extra night in Chiang Mai.  The price of Nine House next door is