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Hong Kong Wetland Park 香港濕地公園

2 Jan 2012 New year started with the nature, a tour at Hong Kong Wetland Park  香港濕地公園, observing birds spending their winter in warm Hong Kong.  It was arranged by a group under Shatin Baptist Church .  Wetland is a the place where the sea meets the land.  Typical characteristic is mangrove proliferation.  It is also a place as birds' paradise, an ecosystem that can be watched and extended.  Extension links to mankind's treatment to the nature.  Hope it will stay. The trip started with happy birthday, to Nelson.  A nice yummy cake added us energy to be burnt during the trip.  Well, not all can be consumed, but accumulated as fat..... A guardian of the park gave us a briefing and advised the itinerary of the day.  Barren houses are seen on the way.  Soon came tranquil and natural scenery.  Flowing river, flying birds, sitting birds, big and small.  All can be named, by the guardian.  We could see the birds through a telescope.  Sharp eyesight of birds, feathers in l


24 July 2011 It's the next day that we arrived in Germany.  We first visited Grandma in the hospital.  She was happy to see me.  Her operation made her suffer much.  She was so tired to fall in sleep in about a half hour since we were there. My friend's parents live in N ű rnberg, part of Franconian.  We passed by Schwabach and a few villages then came to the Gasthof 'zum Heidenberg' , a little traditional Franconian restaurant.  It has been standing there since 1624. It is famous for its game and meat. It raises its own boar. Many families come here for casual lunch, reunion and celebration.   Even I am not a person for big meat, I will recommend it.  See my dish!  It's good and huge.  The meat was tender and full of flavour.  The chanterelle, sp ä tzle, vegetable together... A wonderful meal. The drive to the gasthof and further away is small streets on the country side.  Blue sky, white clouds and little traffic.  We were heading to Spalt , a very o