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Venice's Islands

Venice itself is islands in a lagoon.   The islands I am going to detail refer to other key islands with some distance.  They are Murano, Bruano and Torcello.  Each has its own characteristics. Murano ,the closest one from Venice.  One can start the 10-minute boat trip from Fondamenta Nuove.  The island is famous for its glass work.  You can see signs of glass factory everywhere on the island.  We window-shopped.  Most of them look identical and not artistic.  This orchestra the only one look unique. Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato was built in 8th century.  The most striking piece of art is Vergine Orante, a splendid mosaics of Virgin Mary.  The mosaics floor is beautiful.  Don't miss it out.  Burano can be reached from Fondamenta Nuove or from Murano Faro stop. It is the prettiest island in the lagoon. All houses are painted in bright colours. No one next to each other has the same colour.  It cheers up the residents and visitors.  Burano is famous for lace. Time

Venice's Landmarks

Venice, a charming city, always remains on my mind. The Grand Canal and Gondola are unique. One can find churches, beautiful architecture of different styles elsewhere but can never find a place with a big canal dotted with palaces, beautiful and torne buildings originated in different periods.  Here you can see the golden palace Ca' D'oro, the palace of an art institute next to the Accademia Bridge, the area of Rialto Bridge, Santa Croce near the railway station, etc.  Of course, you won't miss the sight of a gondola. Basilica San Marco, Campanile, Torre dell'Orologio, Palazzo Ducale No one will object if these key buildings are the landmarks for Venice.  Here is the most popular place for tourists from all over the world.  It is the place for the carnival, the centre and a must see place for anyone visiting Venice.  My companion led me to a number of off beaten tracks.  One of them is the opposite shore from the San Marco Square.  We could view the squ