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Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden, 志蓮淨苑 及 南蓮園池

3 Feb 2014 Chi Lin Nunnery was first established in 1934 but substantially rebuilt in 1990s.  All buildings are wood frame buildings built without the use of any iron nails . This construction is based on traditional Chinese architectural techniques dating from the Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) that uses special interlocking systems cut into the wood to hold them in place. It covers an area of 33,000 sq. meter (360,000 sq. feet).  The nunnery has managed the adjacent Nan Lian Garden since 2006. This large Buddhist monastic complex contains 15 crafted cedar halls, garden, courtyard, gilded statues and lotus ponds.   The complex is arranged around 3 courtyards.  Only 2 are open to the public.  Visitors can start with the Shanmen 'mountain gate' or the Celestial Gate, depends where you get off the public transport. We started from the latter and progressed to the Shanmen and the Nan Lian Garden. Shanmen Celestial Kings Hall Apart from temple art there

Ping Shan Heritage Trail, 屏山文物徑

Feb 2014 Ping Shan Heritage Trail - Ching Shu Hin Ping Shan Heritage Trail was inaugurated on 12 December 1993.  It stretches about 1.6km between Hang Mei Tsuen and Sheung Cheung Wai.  The Trail links up a number of traditional Chinese buildings within short distance of each other.   Visitors can learn about the traditional life in the New Territories.   The visit takes about half a day, just to facilitate your planning. We went to the Trail from Shatin, via a bus 269D to Tin Shui Wan and got off at Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda 聚星樓 to start the trip.  The hexagonal 3-storey green-brick building is 13 metres in height, built 600 years ago. It was intended as a feng shi structure to ward off evil spirits and prevent flooding.  It is closed on Tuesdays, 1st Jan, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Boxing Day. There is no public toilet along the way.  You can go to the government complex containing a library nearby first if needed.  The female official at the pagoda will show you the