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Vietnam Practicalities - Transportation and Prepaid Sim Card 越南交通和預繳流動數據卡

In this post, I will share my mode of transfer to/from airport , transfer between cities, and within a city in Vietnam. I put prepaid sim card information in the same post as internet connection is indispensable, especially in a country that English is not a common language.  With internet access, we can at least use online translation tool to ask local people information. 今次我會和大家分享 在 越南 往返機場、城市與城市之間及城市之內的交通,我將預繳流動數據卡資料放在本貼文是因為互聯網連繫在今天已經是不可或缺,尤其是在一些英文不是主要語言的國家,最少可以用網上翻譯工具去問當地人問題。 Airport Transfer After some research, we fixed the types and companies arranging our airport transfers. You can find relevant information in the row of ‘Our Choice’. Cost and time required are listed for your reference.  You can request your hotel to book airport transfer for you.  It is more money out of your pocket. I read from a Taiwanese blogger that it costs USD6  per passenger to take airport shuttle from Da Nang to Hoi An. Shuttle bus will depart when getting full. I think private car from

Vietnam Practicalities - Hotel 越南酒店

Room with sea view in Da Nang Prices of individual hotel in Vietnam are very affordable. Those in my trip cost between USD 45 and 56. Services were good.  Staff were helpful and nice. My advice is to take a better room instead of the cheapest. Those rooms may be gloomy and only a small window exists. Below lists my choices of hotel in different cities and what are special about them. 越南酒店的價錢相當合理,我們住的酒店價錢由美金 $45 至 $56 不等,服務優良,職員都很有禮貌和提供貼心服務。選酒店的時候最好不要選價錢最平宜的房間,平的房間可能只有一個小窗,所以比較暗。以下是我們酒店的選擇和它們有什麼特別之處: Hoi An  -  Pearl River Hoi An Hotel and Spa In general, hotels in Hoi An are pricey. We first considered  Acacia Heritage Hotel  which is on an island connected to the main land via a bridge. Then we changed to Pearl River since it is a good value of money for a beautiful view of the river. River facing room with a balcony cost about USD46. We enjoyed the morning at the balcony before departing to  Da Nang . The disadvantage is the distance to the centre.

Vietnam Practicalities - Visa 越南簽證

I attended a marketing conference held by an ex-employer in Hanoi in 2007. My first impressions of Vietnam were chaotic, poor life and time like winding back to the 50s.  Every corner was filled with motor bikes. Pedestrians risked their lives to cross streets.  An old woman sitting next to her two big baskets of baguette hoping to sell the rest of bread.  Streets were filled with low tables and stools for noodles, spring rolls and all kinds of local food. Cheap and quick. To be cheap and quick, I often hop on to the back of motorcyclists for transfer within the city just with USD1, joined local tour to Tam Coc enjoying a boat ride along a river. I also ate like a local, pho (beef noodle), grilled meat and rice rolls served at low tables at a stall located within a covered street market. 2007年我第一次去到河內參加舊僱主舉行的事務部會議, 我對越南的第一印象是混亂、 生活環境困苦及時光好像倒流到50年代一樣。 每一個角落都是電單車,行人需要冒生命危險過馬路。 一個老婦人坐在兩籃法包旁邊,希望盡快賣完她的麵包。 街上都是矮小的枱和櫈,賣的是越南河粉、 春卷和各適其適的本地食物,又平又快捷就可以搞掂一餐, 我為了快而廉, 時常跳上電單車司機的背後周遊於城市的不同角落,


I was blessed and could have a trip to Rome overnighting in a sofa bed.  And the apartment is located near the Spanish Steps , very privileged yet convenient. Apart from a nice swimming at Anzio , we had a marvellous day trip to Spoleto .  Trains from Rome run almost hourly to Spoleto .  The journey lasts about 1.5 hours. Spoleto is an ancient town located in the Umbria region of Italy. The earliest record is dated in 241 BC.  Today, traces of the Romans still exist. Spoleto is located in a large valley surrounded by hills.  Though being a small town, the strategic location established its importance in the past.  Nowadays, Spoleto is important in art and cultural programs.  Apart from antique buildings, modern street art is also prominent. This small town is running on a self-sufficient basis. Outdoor escalator and covered moving walkaway connects major parts of the town.  One can easily reach the fortification Rocca at the hill top within minutes. I gues