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Coimbra - Main Town, Day and Night

3-4 April 2012 Walking straight from the railway station, one will reach this beautiful square.  Go straight behind the status will lead you to shopping and daily life of the city.  From there, you can ascend to the university.   From there you can spot the Arco de Almedina, leading through winding streets to reach the university.  Or take a break at the main square famous cafe, sip a coffee and save the energy to walk all up. You can't find it?  No worry.  There are many cafes or resting places on the upper town that you can relax, take a rest and then set forward.  Cafe and snack bars for the eldery, youngster and someone requiring silence and loneliness. Visiting the University is the highlight of the day.  It will take you 2 to 3 hours to see the key spots.  Approaching the evening, you may opt for an one-hour Fado show, costs around 10 Euro with a sip of Port Wine.  Or browsing the upper town in the evening light, saying a sweet farewell.