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U modré kachničky

July 2013  U modré kachničky  U modré kachničky is my favourite restaurant during our trip in Prague.  It's rich, delicate, elegant yet delicious.  Game is its specialty. The great impression will stay for long.     Smoked duck breast with union marmalade & wild game pate with bacon and cranberry sauce We came here for lunch.  As the second table of guests we were handed a la carte menu.  First came in sight is their Degustation menu .  950Kr for 7 dishes!  2 appetizers served in one, 3 main courses and 2 desserts.  We only ordered an extra main dish and half bottle of red wine.  Very satisfied and pleased with the choice!  Confit duck roulade with walnut stuffing We were offered a table next to a closed window placed with photos of celebrities or famous people: tennis player Roger Federer , Sean Connery , Helmut Kohl , etc.  It's kind of endorsement and it did not disappoint.  Soon came other guests.  We noticed that they were offered l

Veletržní palác - Modern Art

Jan Zrzavý Kleopatra Czechs modern art can be a re-invention of old painting themes, daily life in a dramatic way, abstract, imaginative, mysteric, unknown......  I like it, except the very abstract ones which I don't understand what the painters wished to express, communicate. Jan Zrzavý Last Supper No one will have missed the sharp Kleopatra from Jan Zrzavý .  The red beauty, white pyramid and the cute palm trees.  His Last Supper was nearby, equally appealing.  Other masters such as Bohumil Kubišta , Bernard Buffet , other famous and not so famous dotted the museum. Bohumil Kubišta Smoker Bernard Buffet Edvard Munch - Glitter Path             

Veletržní palác - Sculpture

This gorgeous sculptured relief in Art-nouveau style is from Stanislav Sucharda . It is composed of bronze, red marble and onyx.  From far are the Strahov Monastery , Saint Nicholas Church and Saint Vitus Cathedral .  On the foreground is Charles Bridge.  The male is the City of Prague and the female, the Vltava River. Otakar Švec - Motorcyclist Another example is Otakar Švec 's motorcyclist. It is a frozen moment of a motorcycle round a sharp bend.  Full of motion!  Famous artists are not lacking.  Examples of big name are Picasso , Otto Gutfreund , Karel Nepras , Rodin , etc.  The works from other less known artists are superb.  Tour around to be amazed.  Cubist bronze by Pablo Picasso Otto Gutfreund Karel Nepras - Big Dialog Otto Gutfreund - Don Quixote Auguste Rodin - John the Baptist Sculpture Girl with Absinthe - Bedrich Stefan