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Shanghai, French Concession Area

Shanghai is a vibrant city.  Changes happening everyday.  There were only 2 subway lines in 2007 when I first visited.  Now, 11 lines !  Tremendous!  I visited most of the tourist spots and a waterway town.  Strong impression on the historical buildings at the Bund and the picturesque Sitang, a waterway town close to Shanghai where Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible III  was shot. Lately, I could spend a weekend free during my work in Shanghai.  This time, I opt for a quiet strolling in the French concession area and experience more of the ordinary life. My day started with a visit to Eileen Chang 's 張愛玲 residence. It's only passing by, taking a picture outside the building. She was a very famous writer at her time and is still so nowadays. Her works are often filmed. Famous ones include Lust, Caution and Love in a Fallen City . Then I turned to Yanqing Road 延慶路 a street with glimpses of ordinary life.  Aged nice houses are all the way.  The French Concession ar