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Tate's Cairn Meteorological Station 大老山氣象站

Coronavirus is on the headline everyday. Hong Kong is on lockdown since early March. Residents returning from overseas have to be quarantined for 14 days.  People are advised to stay at home. Today is the last day of April and a public holiday. Zero new infections reported for 5 straight days. Loads of people rushed to Sai Kung, islands to breath fresh air, enjoy space and freedom. We opt to walk up to the Tate's Cairn Meteorological Station from Wong Tai Sin. Since my hiking partners are not used to walk long distance, we took a minibus (Shatin Pass Road) up to Tsz Wan Shan and walked up terribly long staircases. Exhausted and sweating a lot! Soon after the demanding staircases will be one after one beautiful view of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Stay on the main road. When you see a store selling drinks and food, stock up if needed or take the path on the right. Until you see the next cross road, take again the right path.  In about 15 minutes,

Sing Uk Tsuen to Long Ping with beautiful water hyacinth 盛屋村(鳳眼藍)至朗屏

I joined a few Facebook groups for baking and hiking. Once, I was attracted to the beautiful water hyacinth   鳳眼藍 ( Eichhornia crassipes ) typical at Shing Uk Tsuen 盛屋村 . It is a village in Yuen Long 元朗 and is connected with mini-bus ( mininus no. 74  from  Fuk Hong Street ). After getting off at the last minibus stop, descend further to fishing ponds and admire purple blue beds of water hyacinth. It's amazingly beautiful! 我在Facebook參加了烘焙和行山的群組, 有一次我在一個行山的群組看見別人的分享。嘩! 在元朗的盛屋村有很美麗的鳳眼藍, 滿眼都是繽紛燦爛的一串串紫花,非常奪目。 去元朗的盛屋村很簡單,只要在福康街乘搭74號小巴便可以了。 在小巴總站下車後往池塘的方向向下走, 就可以看到滿遍的鳳眼藍花海,驚艷動人,實在是太太太漂亮了! A hiking path starts / finishes at Kai Shan  髻山, near Shing Uk Tsuen.  This hill is only 121m high. The hike is short, about 1.5 hours, but offers fantastic views of fishing ponds, the Wetland and so on. 盛屋村附近有一個髻山,只是高121米, 由那裏開始可以有一個短程的行山,只需1. 5小時便可以到達朗屏邨,途中有令人迷醉的漁塘、濕地等美景。 After the appreciation of the water hyacinth and the surrounding, go back to the main street and