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Porto - O Paparico

28 March 2012 O Paparico is the number one beloved restaurant at Trip Advisor for Porto . It's worth for a visit to enjoy the exquisite food.  Here is the motto of the restaurant -'Food is both science and art, and the man who puts all his heart into satisfying his fellow men deserves consideration'. It's a Wednesday night. After reading the prices at BOOK , I proposed to try the highly recommended restaurant, Opaparico or Oh Rich Dad. We called quickly to reserve a table. With luck we could get a taxi right away to get to it, located in a residential district, about a €6 ride from the downtown. We did not see the name but approached a nearby bar. We were escorted to the restaurant a few doors apart. The door opened upon a few knocks. The owner, Sergio, came and greeted us. Two to three appetizers were sitting on the table. We could take them or order different dishes. Calamari was out. Veal terrine remained. It was velvet with wonderful flavours. We

Porto, Part 3

1 April 2012 Wanna see another form of beauty after reading Part 1 and 2 ? Let's go to the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art . If you go on Sundays between 9am and 1pm, you can save 9 Euro entrance fee for visiting the museum and the garden. At time of visit was the exhibition of Raymond Roussel . It features 300 pieces of collection which recreated his universe and inspired some of his surrealism movements. Its restaurant serves buffet lunch at a reasonable price. It was quite crowded. We were there after 2pm, too late to enjoy the buffet which would be ended at 3 pm. Some tables in the terrace overlooking the museum garden, a great pleasure to dine in the nature. The best part is the beautiful and tranquil garden. Families, couples, students with teachers, friends dotted the garden but not crowded. I like the mini farm with animals feeding themselves lazily on the green lawn. Feel like in the nature and not in a city. No one will overlook the striking red scul

Porto, Part 2

28 March 2012   Porto Cathedral is dated to 12th century but underwent subsequent changes.  It is one of the oldest architecture and most important Romanesque momements in Portugal.  Insides are tile panels, cloister, sacrophagi, treasury and sculptures.  Outside is an open square with a high column.  Guarding the catherdal is a hero on a horse, like declaring victory. If I need to define a distinct characteristic of Portugal churches, it's definitely the tile panels .  Well, tile panels are not limited to churches but as a common decoration for architecture.  The most famous in Porto, perhaps, is at São Bento Station .  The rest are  the façades of Carmo and Capela das Almas churches. One of the recommended sightseeing points is having a drink at Cafe Majestic .  It has been in place since the twenties (1920s).  It is one of the luxury and decorated cafe with chandeliers and mirrors.  In the old days, visitors were from the h