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Sintra - Palace and Park of Pena

We visited Sintra on 4 May 2018. It was the most beautiful day of our trip of Lisbon and the surroundings.  Gorgeously blue sky with mild temperature, colourful and world heritage Palace and Park of Pena , Moorish Castle  ( Castelo dos Mouros ),  Palace National of Sintra ............   Our apartment is located at Bairro Alto . The easiest is to hop to Rossio Station to take a train to reach Sintra.  Between 7 and 10 am, the train is very frequent, every 15 minutes.  Half of them takes 40 minutes and the rest 49 minutes. Afterwards, the train departs every 20 minutes. Since the bus from Sintra railway station to the Palace of Pena starts to get long early, it's better to start the trip early. It's steep to walk up to the Palace of Pena.  The best is to take bus 434, €6.9 for return.   Queues for bus and the ticket for the Pena Palace  are long.  So, be patient.  After getting off the bus, one has to climb a bit to reach the ticket office of the Palace of