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Xlendi to Azure Window Walk

We pursued the beautiful walk from Xlendi to the  Azure Window on the second day since arrival at Gozo. It is a pity that we could not see the natural wonder of a 28-metre limestone arch standing proudly on the sea. It consisted of a pillar of rock rising from the sea and joined to the cliff by a horizontal slab. Though strong it was defeated by erosion, storm and collapsed.  Its parts are now sitting on the sea bed.  Nevertheless, the hike between Xlendi and the Azure Window is stunningly beautiful. We were accompanied with blue sky, dramatic white cliffs, colourful flowers and amazing views all along. To start the trip, we passed Stone Crab (one of the famous restaurants) at Xlendi Bay, walked up a staircase to go further to the direction of the Azure Window. Look back from there you will see the beautiful Xlendi Bay. When you are up. look for a red dot on the rock.  From there ascend to the higher part.  It is a small climb which the short me had to grasp pla


Legligin Slow cooked pork Maltese onomatopoeic word for glugging down a drink We visited Legligin  (Maltese onomatopoeic word for glugging down a drink) on our last night in Valletta.  It was featured in a German travel book  written by Michael Bussmann which also recommends Tal-Petut which was exceptional.  Legligin is small place and we called in advance to reserve a table. Sitting next to us is a Dutch lady and her son, a handsome little guy. Service in Legligin was friendly. The venue was cosy.  Food was excellent. We were served with many dishes, 8-10 different gourmets of the country or the Mediterranean. The dinner started with wine picking which was difficult as I don't know much about but like to drink with dinner. Soup and a few appetisers gave a good impression and confidence that the other dishes would be great. Legligin Vegetable Soup Legligin Maltese sausage, aubergine pate, sundried tomato pate (alioi) chicken liver pate Legligin la