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Sheung Yiu Folk Museum to Highland Reservoir and Geopark 萬宜水庫 地質公園

Thanks to the s ocial media ! It ties up friends no matter where we are. It also brings strangers together who share similar interests, values, inspirations.  I like hiking. But most of my friends are either too busy or lazy. It's hard to find a hiking companion. Fortunately, there are numerous hiking groups at Facebook. I was brave to join a group of people who I never met to hike from the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum to the Highland Reservoir . Gorgeous scenery and amiable group mates. We gathered in the early morning at Sai Kung Pier . Then we took a bus to the Museum . It shows old houses of the villagers. It's like going back to the past visualising the primitive and self-sustainable life. The weather was so so at the beginning. But the sun showed up before we arrived at the western dam of the Highland Reservoir . It brightened our day with gorgeous scenery. The side shone by the sun show hills, emerald water, island, shorelines. All team mates shot this sid

Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) and Ham Tin Bay 大浪灣 咸田灣

Tai Long Wan is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Hong Kong.  I was there twice. Once was with a companion on a cloudy day. The second time was alone but with sunshine. Tai Long Wan  consists of 4 beaches on the east coast of Sai Kung Peninsula, i.e. Sai Wan (West Bay), Ham Tin Wan , Tai Wan (Big Bay) and Tung Wan (East Bay).  Both times, we walked up to the Ham Tin Bay and then to Pak Tam Au to take a bus back to Sai Kung. One day, I will go further to the other two bays. The majority hikers will take a minibus ( click here for the time table) from Sai Kung town centre to Sai Wan Pavilion .  Just follow a path to Sai Wan. Very soon, one can have fantastic views over the Highland Reservoir . Along the way were beautiful flowers (end February) catching your attention. In less than half hour we reached civilisation - the Sai Wan Village with a few old houses, stores and spot shops. They are located near the Sai Wan Beach. If you want a snack, just s