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Hue - Khai Dinh Tomb 順化 啟定皇陵

Khai Dinh ’s reign lasted only 9 years but the construction of his mausoleum took 11 years. He was the puppet of the French, did not have any significant political achievements but lived a luxurious life with heavy tax on the citizens. To build his dreamy tomb, he increased 30% of the taxation.  Obviously, he was not welcome by his people.  His successor said, “I would rather be a civilian than an emperor without power." It is a big sigh for the unfortunate and poor king. Khai Dinh Mausoleum is the smallest but most exquisite among all Nguyen royal tombs. The architecture combines the cultural characteristics of France and Vietnam. It is designed as a European castle of middle ages. The main constructions are arranged on a straight axis and distributed on five gradually terraces which are connected by 127 steps. French materials of the time such as cement, iron, steel and ardoise tile associated with Vietnamese traditional materials such as a mortar and terra-cotta were

Hue - Minh Mang Tomb / Mausoleum 順化 明命陵

Vietnam had been ruled by China for centuries.  Its religion (Buddhism, Confucianism), culture (literate scholars, poetry), military, politics, etc., are heavily influenced by China. The first emperor of the last Nguyen dynasty built the Imperial City in Hue by following the architectural style of the Forbidden City in China. The second emperor, Minh Mang , started the fashion of building funeral complex with strong reference to Chinese royal tombs. There are 7 tombs / funeral complexes in Hue. 3 are very popular and restored nicely: Minh Mang , Tuc Duc and Khai Dinh . Minh Mang Mausoleum is huge. Its area is 44 acre and surrounded by a 1,750-meter-long wall. Within is a fabulous balance of architecture and nature. Minh Mang Tomb Complex contains about 40 constructions which are arranged on the main axis in the middle and along the both sides of  Trung Minh Lake .It aligns the emperor's seeking-balance approach, ruling his subjects with a firm but fair grip, bu