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Solnhofen - Circular walk "Devil meets Apostle" No. 3

Solnhofen is a municipality in the district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen in the region of Middle Franconia in the Land of Bavaria in Germany. It lies within the Altmühl Valley . The area is famous in geology and palaeontology for Solnhofen limestone . This is a very fine-grained limestone from the Jurassic period which is an exceptionally fine Lagerstätte that preserves detailed fossil specimens. We started our trip from the suburb of Nürnberg, Katzwang. The journey to Solnhofen took about 1.5 hours.  We changed twice at Schwabach and  Treuchtlingen . It was a pleasant ride. Upon arrival at Solnhofen railway station, we could find the information about the famous panoramic walk easily. It is route 3. Clear signage is available all through the route. The spot with the red circle is the location of the 12 Apostles which can be seen throughout the walk. The first impression of Solnhofen is a little sleeping town. It has a fantastic location surrounded by the river Altmühl . The hou