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King Yin Lei 景賢里

July 2015 I learnt about King Yin Lei from the news some years ago.  It is a mansion built in Chinese and Western styles, standing atop Stubbs Road for almost 80 years. In 2007 residents nearby reported destruction of the roof. The public demanded the preservation of this elegant architectural heritage. The government stepped in and offered land exchange to the owner in return for the restoration and ownership of this monument (declared on 11 July 2008).   The restoration took place between 2008 and 2010.  It was a big challenge as most of the traditional building materials did not exist any more and the building techniques were not known in the modern society.  The restoration project team found a suitable producer of cement floor tiles in Fujian.  Every new cement, the assembly and restoration were done by hand, piece by piece.  The meticulous preservation is much appreciated. King Yin Lei 景賢里-  Exterior before and after King Yin Lei 景賢里- Corridor before and afte

Monza 2015

20 April 2015 It was a nice day before we flew to Germany.  We visited a nearby city,  Monza .  It is a beautiful and elegant town. Smaller than Milan but cleaner, more organised and wealthy as well. It's my third time here. First time was summer back to 2002. The  second time  in winter 2010, just for a short while. We arrived around the midday. There were not many people in the town.  Churches were closed. Yup, this is Italy. The tourist information office is very thoughtful.  Right from the railway station, there is a map showing a route to see the town. In the town there are signs in different colours to show the path to different sightseeing spots. Medieval and nice modern buildings co-exist in the town centre. It is layback.  Take your time, no hurry.  It's my feeling at time.  Shops, elegant and traditional cafes, restaurants, delicatessen, churches, art, historical buildings, solemn government buildings scatter at different corners. Together is a nic

Monza Park

20 April 2015 The park in Monza is enormous!  I did not expect to walk so much prior to the start of the walk.  It's kilometres of green.  Huge trees, flowers, river Lambro, meadows, villas dotted the park and attribute to its beauty.  You will never walk alone there.  Mother and child, grandparents and grandsons, bikers, families, friends in group, dogs always come into your eyesight.  It is very popular among the citizens, their beloved. Monza Park is mostly known for the Formula 1 Grand Prix race.  But actually the park is more than a racing place. It is about 700 hectares, as the biggest historical park in Europe and the largest walled park. The scenes are varied and majestic.   Big and aged trees are here and there.  It's like big lungs cleansing the air of the city.  You breath in life and happiness. Meadows, flowers and lake alter the scenes.  The no border scenes open your heart to hope, imagination and possibility. The