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27 July 2013 München is a vibrant city, full of energy and innovation.  I was amazed by the Olympic Stadium during my first visit.  The gigantic space, long swimming pool, historical buildings, BMW museum , huge churches , Dachau concentration camp , etc. were so stunning to this young girl at time.  One from Hong Kong, so tiny, without much history and grand facilities. Eyes wide open.  I was totally innocent, knew nothing about Europe apart from history books in school and just followed friends to see this different world.  From that time on, I was often in Europe: two semesters in Heidelberg , two and half months in Nürnberg for a friend experiencing transplantation, trips in Italy, Germany, Croatia , Portugal , Greece, Czech Republic , Eastern Europe, etc. Munich gave me an impression as a mixed conglomerate: intertwined with old and new, tradition and modern.  Historical buildings in a corner but just turning around can be modern architecture that amazes people.  

Restauration Fischer Nürnberg

29 July 2014 I spent my holiday in Vienna and Nürnberg this year.  Nürnberg is almost my second home.  We normally eat at home since we are living in the suburb.  Late night dining in the town is rare as public transport is infrequent.  I found Fischer as the most beloved and complimented restaurant in Nürnberg.  Here we were.   Food was first class.   We love it! Fischer opens its door only in the evening.  It offers 3 menus:   Sea or Country 4-course menu costs €59 or a 7-course menu costs €89.  We picked the Country menu, dishes were meat based and chanterelle (Pfifferlinge) was present in the first and second courses as July is the best season.  I love this tiny yellow mushroom, full of fragrance and character. We took a table downstairs and could see the opened kitchen.  The chef could check our response first hand.   I gave thumb-up after the appetizer and double thumb-up after the main course. We were served a complimentary starter: veal cut with tuna dres