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Malta Archaeology Museum

Isn't it amazing? Civilisation in Malta has existed since 5200 BC!  We are at the time of 2017 AD.  5200 BC is more than double of AD 0 to 2017.  Here shows the different stages within the Neolithic Period  (New Stone Age) that Maltese underwent. This period probably started 10000B.C.  Men raised crops and animals which allowed them to stay in a more permanent dwelling. They made stone tools by grinding and polishing hard rock versus clipping softer ones down to the desired shapes in the period before, Palaeolithic Period  (Old Stone Age). It is best to visit the Archaeology Museum to understand the history a bit better. When we entered we saw a poster showcase two embracing figures and named Love of 5000 Years. Wow! Romance for thousand years. I was looking for it but couldn't.  Until the last moment, the ancient art piece was identified.  It is tiny and attention easily skipped. 5000 years of love Out of the many display items, the most impressive is the Sle

Marsaxlokk and St Peter's Pool

It was a gloomy day when we visited Marsaxlokk , after the magnificent St. John's Cathedral . Bus from Valletta to Marsaxlokk took about 40 minutes.  81 or 85 will take you there.  Journey times are pretty much the same. The bus did not stop at the sea side but a street tuck away.  No worry, it's not far.    The harbour is lined with numerous restaurants. Loads of tourists ate there.  We walked across but did not stop to eat as our plan was to swim at St. Peters' Pool . And we took the least money with us. Boats close to the shore were colourful but they did not seem to shine under the big grey clouds.    My friend insisted to take the big street to reach St. Peter's Pool. If you face the sea, go to the far left where a church stands at a square. Pass through the church and reach the big street.  Go to the right.  From time to time you will see signs of St. Peter's Pool .  Simply follow it.  When you are high up, see the right hand side. It's