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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore, a rare choice for independent travellers.  It's a business trip, a glance of the city in the night with its glamour shining.  The most impressive is the casino Sands at Marina Bay.  But since we were there on the top floor, I show you what I saw from there.  The most striking one is the ArtSceience Museum in a shape of lotus flower, modern elegance. Talking back a bit during the day, a Sunday.  I went to Little India , trying to find Indian jewellery made with stones. No success.  A floor of the Mustafa Centre is full of gold.  One stall sells precious stones, piece by piece.  But they are very expensive.  Outside the mall was many Indians, the only place I saw with many Indians after its motherland.  Fast food restaurants dotted the place and grocery stores as well. I met an ex-colleague, an Indian and his family and had authentic Indian home food.  It's good, mean for the chat, reunion and also the food. The next day was scheduled with various meetings and m