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Gallerie D'Italia - from Canova to Boccioni

It was my last day in Milan. We visited  Gallerie D'Italia , a gorgeous art gallery converted from a bank's building, historical and splendid. It features 19th and 20th century art collection owned by Intesa Sanpaolo . Thanks for its generosity.  Admission is free. The location is central, at the Piazza Scala. Close to the entrance of Gallerie D'Italia was the exhibition of Rodolfo Arico .  But aligning with the tag line of the gallery, from Canova to Boccioni , I'll show you first Antonio Canova , my first beloved sculptor when I saw Psyche and Cupid in the Louvre in Paris back to 1991.  The gallery is devoted to art in 19th and 20th century.  The 19th century gallery is divided into 13 sections .  Section 1 is themed with Canova's 13 pieces elegant and graceful bas reliefs , from Homeric epic to Socratic ethics, from Christian virtues to enlightened philanthropy. At time there was the exhibition of  Rodolfo Arico .  It showcased his highly dramatic a

Roofed Belverdere Palazzo Lombardia, Milan

Palazzo Lombardia, Milan  is the main seat of the Lombardy government. It is a complex of buildings including a 39-level skyscraper.  On the top is a huge covered terrace, opened every Sunday from 10am onwards.  We had a fantastic panoramic view over Milan. On even better days, one can see the snow mountains from far. Once we were at the building of Palazzo Lombardia Milan we saw a short queue.  Security guards escorted us to the lift at the time of the opening.  We could take the second lift.  Within seconds we could have the whole Milan under our feet. Let's start from the buildings of the closest to furtherest. Nearby is the Uni Credit Tower and Square  in the new 'Porta Nuova' area.  It was the highest skyscraper in Milan when it was opened in 2012.  It has a lovely square with many shops and a big Esselunge supermarket.  People are always around. One corner of it is extended to Corso Garibaldi and further to the city centre. Connected to the nei