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Nacional de Arte Antiga

Our choice of activity on a cloudy day, sixth day of our trip 2 May 2018, was the Nacional de Arte Antiga  (MNAA) National Museum of Ancient Art . We started the day with the Miradouro de Santa Catarina .  Despite of the gloomy weather, the open view of Lisbon is nice. Nearby is the Pharmacy and Health Museum . The visit began with paintings of Lisbon before the earthquake in 1755 . Big square, mighty  Sao George Castle standing over the hill, big port with numerous ships, extinct buildings reveal the old look of charming Lisbon.     The most popular Panels of St. Vincent was crowded with people.  We arrived at the top floor to appreciate sculptures from the ancient time and then The Adoration of St. Vincent , a multi-panel work from a 15th century Portuguese master, Nuno Goncalves . St. Vincent is surrounded by noblemen and clergymen.  Some faces are repetitive in the different panels. The museum is dotted with horrified and surreal paintings. We wer