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Lau Shui Heung to Hok Tau 流水響至鶴藪

The passion of taking a nice shot of the reflection and trying out the shorter route drove me to revisit Lau Shui Heung within a week.  I arrived at Lau Shui Heung around 10.15 in the morning. The sun was not high yet. From far I didn't see the reflection but at the shrubs I could take nice photos. I took time going here and there to take nice photos. When I started ascending the shorter path (left one with steps), it was about ten to twelve. Hikers advised me to go together with two ladies. They heard the recommendations and welcomed me to join them.  It's a blessing that I walked within a short distance with family Yeung a few days ago and this day with Ivy and Samantha.  The shorter path is the blue line on the map. Up to the end is an intersection, going down to reach Hok Tau .  If you take the red route, you will go towards Tai Po with endless downward steps. It is a demanding path before you reach the staircase to go downward. The path up to Hok Tau

Lau Shui Heung Hiking 流水響

I joined a hiking group at Facebook about two weeks ago and read about Lau Shui Heung 流水響 .  It is known for the gorgeous reflection of Paperbark trees   白千層 . And one can take a hike to reach Hok Tau   鶴藪 , another reservoir in the north of the New Territories. I visited Lau Shui Heung twice in a week. In this article I'll talk more on tips of taking the paperbark tree reflection and hike up to the high point. Then I'll talk about a shorter tour to Hok Tau in the next one. I arrived at Lau Shui Heung by a minibus after 12 pm. After getting off, just went to the right and a bit upwards to arrive at the reservoir. Continued on the right will have a great view of the reservoir.  Sunshine was strong. I could not see the reflection but still enjoyed the view of trees surrounding the reservoir and the flowing water. Going further will be a dead end which a dam blocks the way. So, I went back and took the big street on the left. On the way prior to reaching a BBQ

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park to Tai Tan 海下灣至大灘

I read about the hiking path of Hoi Ha Wan from Mountain Girl.  Her hiking trails are normally not difficult.  I tried Lau Shui Heung previously. It's beautiful with trees reflection on the surface of the reservoir. I as also attracted to Hoi Ha and could finally put my feet on it.  I enjoyed it very much.  The scenery is breathless.   A friend commented on my photos: 'speechless, simply beautiful.' I started the trip from taking bus 299X from Shatin to Sai Kung.  The trip took about 40 minutes.  Then switched to a mini-bus No. 7 next to the bus terminal.  It runs every 20 minutes between Monday and Saturday. If a long queue is seen, a minibus will arrive soon. I was lucky to get on the first minibus.  The journey took more than 20 minutes.  It cost HK$12.1. It's easy to find the path. Just go straight ahead to the Hoi Ha Wan Warden Post.  From there I learnt that Hoi Ha Wan was famous for good water quality and its rich marine life. Turn right and left.