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Artlane 藝里坊

Hong Kong has been perceived as a compact concrete jungle with modern skyscrapers. The number of characterised architecture increases along with its importance as a leading international financial centre. Rivalling to major metropolitan with flourishing cultural activities, street art emerged silently in Hong Kong. Henderson Land has launched ‘ ARTLANE ’, a unique urban art project with fabulous mural paintings in the last quarter of 2018. The clusters of mural art dot Chung Ching Street, Ki Ling Lane, and Shek Chan Lane in Sai Ying Pun . Referencing street art in New York, London and Seoul, Henderson Land has invited 9 famous local and international artists to participate in the ‘ ARTLANE ’ project. Based on a theme of ‘Art and Music of SOHO’, the tailored made murals on the walls of various buildings in the area have made the area a unique mural neighbourhood and inspired more buildings to follow suit. More new mural paintings pop up a year later after the first visit.

Sai Ying Pun MTR Station - Art

Hong Kong started as a fishing village and evolved much to become one of the most important financial centres in the world. The development improves people's living standard but simultaneously removes a lot of historical and memorable stuff.  MTR commenced in early 80s to accommodate the need for massive transport. The only differentiation between stations was colour. E.g., red Central, blue Kowloon Tong, green Jordon, etc. It grew from one line 'Tsuen Wan' to cover more areas. Until 2014, it opened up the West Island line. Stations started to have its own characters. My favourite MTR station is Sai Ying Pun . It is a very old district dotted with various local shops selling different products and services. The hilly geography results in a station deep down the ground. Passengers need to take escalator, lift and walk through a long passage to leave the station. The huge space and the determination to enliven the space with art allowed artists to install street s