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PMQ 元創方

February 2018 Another fabulous ceramic plate form Yokky.  It is a gift to her relatives seen in Facebook . September 2017 The first article says I went to PMQ on my birthday.  You may be curious if I bought any birthday present for myself. Yes, I did. Here it is, a beautiful green plate with ripples quietly flow into my heart with tranquillity. I visited PMQ another time to visit my school friend who ran a pottery shop Flow+ Living 好器色 with two partners.  Then I bought another plate of a collection called Knot Situation.   Yokky used her mother's hand knit top to lay over the clay.  It became a unique design which connects to her memory of her mum.  Want to have a look?  It's the one underneath my homemade muffin.  I always like to serve my food with beautiful plates to enhance the joy of eating.  As a coincidence it matches the mind of Yokky's creation.  The word 器 means utensils. The four months 口denote 4 people eating together to enjoy

Shing Mun Reservoir 城門水塘

If you ask me what is the most memorable part of visiting Shing Mun Reservoi r , I will definitely say monkeys.  They are kings, pirates and robbers.  And they are everywhere. Be careful, don't take any food with you.  We saw a crew taking wedding photos with their car.  A group of monkeys was making nuisance, sitting at the top of the car, staring the human beings and was close to war. We descended to an area with tall trees and like a peninsula surrounded by water.  Soon we were there we heard big screams. No need to tell but you can imagine what happened possibly. A few monkeys came to our area and blocked the way back to the main street. We enjoyed the silence and beauty there but had to wait a long time till they were calm down and left the area.   It was about half an hour. Their patience was greater than ours. The second most impressive is the area we were stuck, photos shown above.  It was tranquil, relaxing and beautiful.  And we have monkeys