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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

27 July 2011 Youth Hostel It was my second time visiting Rothenburg but this time on my birthday, with Family Heim.  It is a walled medieval old town, along the Romantic Road in Bavaria.  I remember that there was an Umzug the first time when I was there. People in medieval clothing were marching and performing. There was a great view out from the toilet window of the youth hostel, lush green, endless and romantic. We had a cosy breakfast at home in N ü rnberg.  Then we drove for an hour to start the lovely visit.  Sunshine blessed the day.  My birthday was filled with beautiful unspoiled medieval buildings, green surroundings, laughter and memory. Many buildings have signs indicating the business that the shop is in.  Cute!  We passed through a gate, beautiful houses and then arrived at the Marktplatz where the Rathaus and major buildings are standing.  To have a great panoramic view of the town, we ascended to the roof of the Rathaus.  It's a narrow rounded

Singapore Delicacies

I was lucky to sample a number of Singapore Delicacies during the recent business trip.   First to mention is the national dish - crab.  We went to a  No Signboard Seafood  that local families go.  Target: White Pepper Crab! Let's start, hooray!  One Sri Lanka crab for two of us.  Spicy scallop, prawn roll and Samal Kangkong 馬來风光, morning glory fried with chilli paste.  The signature dish is White Pepper Crab.  It is cooked with spring onion and ginger, looks the way my mom cooks at home.  I like its sometimes dominant and sometimes subtle white pepper fragrance.  I could taste the natural sweetness of the crab.  Big piece of crab meat, double happiness.  Marvelous! One can order scallops cooked in different ways.  We asked for XO sauce, turning out very spicy but pleasant.  Yum!  The prawn roll was relative so so standing next to the fantastic dishes.  Two nights later, Jacky took us to a local but more touristic and pricey restaurant, Sin Hoi Sai at Tiong Bahru.  Prawn fri

Marina Bay Sands and Tourist Spots Nearby

It's another time this year visiting Singapore for work.  Last time we had a luxus dinner at Marina Bay Sands , having superb views of Singapore's skyline from all perspectives.  It's a pity that we could not admire the beautiful outlook of the modern architecture of the casino itself.  But this time, as I came the first night alone then joined by other colleagues, I had the freedom of having a closer look yet with some distance of the marvelous building group.  Ajadcent is the ArtScience Museum in the lotus flower look.  They complement each other, leaving audience an unforgettable impression of Singapore. Anshu (ex-colleague) addressed my desires for the outlook of Marina Bay Sands and Singapore crab by bringing me to the Esplanade . It is a theatre built in the shape of durian and situated next to the Singapore River. It's 6 hectre large. The theatre can sit 2000 people. It stands proudly at the waterfront, competing attention with the nearby Marina Bay Sands. Ou


I heard about Lucca since quite a long time ago. It is said as one of the very beautiful towns in Tuscany . A picture of the oval-shape Piazza Anfiteatro drew my attention and cultivated a desire to visit.  It is a medieval town, the only one in Italy which is totally surrounded by a wall, since 16-century.  Ascending to the wall, stroll and enjoy a fantastic view of the town from all angles. The town is dotted with numerous Romaneque churches, palaces and shops.  It was a rich merchant town but the pace nowadays is never quick, holiday....  We enjoyed the town by walking around it, passing through lanes with medieval houses, walking on the wall..... Well, a few highlights..... Duomo di San Maritno , superb architecture signatured with white and green exquisite marble. One of the outstanding pieces of art is the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto (wife of the ruling Guinigi), elegant and peaceful. It was sculpted by Jacopo della Quercia . Piazza Anfiteatro is a landmark of