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Trezzo sull' Adda

19 April 2015 After the visit to the roofed belvedere of the Palazzo Lombardia, Milan in the morning and consumption of sumptuous homemade ginger pear muffins, we headed to Trezzo sull'Adda .  It is located 30 km northeast of Milan.  We parked near an enormous church, S. Gervaso e Protaso , dated from 15th century.  Inside is Giotto frescoes - Crucifix. Unfortunately we could not see it as our visit was on a Sunday afternoon.  Nearby is a milk machine. First, I paid 20 cents to get a bottle. Then I inserted 50 cents for 500ml  milk. Just place the bottle under the tap.  Milk freshly produced in the morning was then in my stomach. Rich flavour! We arrived at the Town Villa .  It is in the late Renaissance style.  Today, it is the town library and surrounded by a large park with a view of Adda down under. From there we walked towards a bridge via the cafe of Villa Appiani (Best Western group nowadays).  There was busy traffic at the bridge.  From there, you