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Singapore Delicacies

I was lucky to sample a number of Singapore Delicacies during the recent business trip.   First to mention is the national dish - crab.  We went to a  No Signboard Seafood  that local families go.  Target: White Pepper Crab! Let's start, hooray!  One Sri Lanka crab for two of us.  Spicy scallop, prawn roll and Samal Kangkong 馬來风光, morning glory fried with chilli paste.  The signature dish is White Pepper Crab.  It is cooked with spring onion and ginger, looks the way my mom cooks at home.  I like its sometimes dominant and sometimes subtle white pepper fragrance.  I could taste the natural sweetness of the crab.  Big piece of crab meat, double happiness.  Marvelous! One can order scallops cooked in different ways.  We asked for XO sauce, turning out very spicy but pleasant.  Yum!  The prawn roll was relative so so standing next to the fantastic dishes.  Two nights later, Jacky took us to a local but more touristic and pricey restaurant, Sin Hoi Sai at Tiong Bahru.  Prawn fri