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Shifen 十分

Shifen is famous for the old streets, lantern and the 20-metre high waterfall. It is located in the Pingxi area  ( 平溪 ) .  Shifen Old Street refers to a collection of lanes and alleys around the railway station area.  The town was originally built for transporting coal during the Japanese era.   Shifen railway station is an opened one.   People can cross the rails freely.  I have the feeling of going back to the very old time.  I remember, even in the eighties, it was forbidden to cross the railways in Hong Kong.  But Shifen still freezes in the past. it brings folks of tourists and they filled up the tiny station. A lot of people from Asia travelled there with one sole aim: flying Chinese lantern marked full with good wishes. From time to time, friends upload photos of flying the lanterns.  We went there for the waterfall.   Once we stepped out the area of the railway stations, crowds of people were flying the lanterns.  Along the way to the waterfall, we saw l

Jiufen 九份

We went back from Shifen to Ruifang and to go further to Jiufen . Get out of the station, cross the big street and turn left to walk perhaps 200 metre, you will reach a bus station with buses running to Jiufen. When we arrived at Jiufen , it was cloudy and began to rain. Darkness covered the surrounding mountains and sea. It's like a spell over the earth. We went into the main street. Crowds were a characteristic of this small hill town. It was like that many years ago and remain so, even not on public holiday. To get shelter against the rain and refill energy, we had snacks and drinks on the main streets, just like all tourists. We first passed by 魚丸伯仔 which has been standing for over 60 years.  Two out of the three renowned dishes (豆干包, 魚丸湯,乾冬粉) were on our table.  Yummy! Weather remained bad. We sat down again for a drink and sweet. Then the wandering began and the sun came out. When we reached almost the edge of the main street, more modern tea houses sh