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Scenes at Vltava

July 2013  Charles Bridge, view from Kampa Island One can appreciate the beauty of Vltava in many ways: take a boat trip in the morning or evening, strolling along the shore of Kampa Island or just walk on both shores.  All positive adjectives: beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, awesome, wow, wonderful, great, wunderschoen.............  Restaurant on Vltava, next to Kafka Museum Vltava, view from Kampa Island    Charles Bridge, Prague     Kampa Island    Most Legi, Prague Paddle Boats, Vltava, Prague    

Prague Old Town Square

July 2013 Prague is perhaps my most beloved town in Europe. Its charm never fails to win hearts from tourists.  The medieval atmosphere is everywhere.  Beautiful pastel colour houses of different styles stand together to complement instead of fighting each other.  I just left it and don't mind going back for a deeper appreciation of its details and beauty.   Staroměstské Náměstí is the old town square.  Among the south side of the square are Štorchův dům Storch House and U kemenneho beranka (Stone Lamb).  The previous has a 19-century fresco depicting St. Wenceslas, the first left of the above photo. Next is the Stone Lamb.  Go closer to view the lovely lamb between the two rows of windows.  On the eastern side stand the chisel-roofed Dům_U_Kamenného_zvonu ( Stone Bell House ), a late 13th-century Gothic palace.  It was concealed beneath a baroque façade until the 1970s.  It is a venue for temporary exhibitions organized by the City Gallery

Prague Practicalities

July 2013 It has been ages since our last visit to Prague.  We stayed in a small apartment outside the city centre last time.  This year we opt for the centre for its convenience and ease to take shots early in the morning or later at night.   Six thirty in a summer morning, empty Charles Bridge.  Can you imagine? Charles Bridge, 14 July 2013, 06.30 am Our apartment is on the second floor of a beautiful historical building located at Bethlehem Square ( Betlémské náměst í ).  It is 2 minutes to the Charles Bridge and 5 minutes to the old town square .  It is spacious, colourful, cosy and comfortable.  Our landlord Mira picked us up from the bus station, answered all our key questions and also took us at 6.15am to the bus station for Cesky Krumlov .  It was a wonderful and enjoyable stay.   See our adorable flat and the surroundings!   Transportation We arrived at Prague from Nurnberg by bus operated by the German Rail ( Deutsche