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CityLife, Milan

CityLife is a residential, commercial and business district still under construction.  It is a project to redevelop the historic neighbourhood of Fiera Milano .  A big charm is the three skyscrapers by the three world famous architects: Zaha Hadid , Arata Iszaki and Daniel Libeskind . I was in the area in 2014 after visiting the hill nearby.  The Straight Line  by Arata Iszahi was the first one to build but still under construction. This time, in 2016, it was completed.   The building is composed of 8 modules each with 6 floors. The facade is made of triple glass slightly curved outside.  It looks like curves of wave flowing upward. It is the highest building in Milan and stands proudly next to Zaha Hadid's The Twisted .    Close to the CityLife is planned shopping centre and the extravagant yet modern residences designed by Zaha Hadid and Libeskind.  We could still see vacant flats.   Very nice apartment with brilliant parks and beautiful surroundin

Bosco Verticale, The Vertical Forest

Started a few years ago, the surrounding of Milan's city centre was dotted with various construction sites. We needed to go numerous winding streets from Via Pola to the Garibaldi Station. Nowadays, the hoardings have been removed.  The areas of Isola and Porta Nuova have a new look, full of life and filled with modern buildings such as residential buildings, shopping and commercial centres and governmental offices.  On the left is the Palazzo Lombardia under construction some years ago. Nowadays, the top floor is opened to the public every Sunday to have gorgeous panoramic views of Milan . A lot of cities in Italy still appear or keep its medieval buildings to preserve its rich history.  It is always not easy to see new urban constructions.  Can you imagine the eternal city Rome crammed with modern skyscrapers?  No, never!   But Milan did it.  One of the new modern skyscraper examples is the Bosco Verticale , vertical forest.  It is a pair of high-rise residence