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Luk Keng 鹿頸

It was the last day that Roland was in town. We still took the chance to be close to the nature and exercise our muscles.   Luk Keng 鹿頸 to Kuk Po 谷埔 is a flat path yet offers great views of the sea, villages, green and part of China.  The walk is about 6 to 7 kilometres.   It doesn't take long, the walk is easy and the scenery is beautiful. . We had dim sum at Dim Dim Sum in Shatin then proceeded to Fanling Railway Station.  Through Exit C we reached the mini bus station.  It was already around 1 pm. Not many people were there at time. We were at the beginning of the queue.  But mini bus ( 56K , 6.30 - 19.30) was sparse. It took about 20 minutes to be there. Once you are there, follow the Bride's Pool Road and you will see a green building on the left. Nearby is a small path.  A signage points to Kai Kuk Shue Ha 雞谷樹下. Follow it. You will soon pass a house with a sign of fierce dog inside. Yes, it is the right path.  Go further, you will soon find yourse


29 April 2015 We returned to Regensburg after almost a decade.  It is a very proper city, with beautiful and well restored buildings, green and flowery parks, nice churches.  Architect Foster once described it as 'one of the most beautiful cities in the world.' Regensburg is very green. At different places are meadows, trees, flowers.  Art is amalgamated with the nature.  A curved chair as a piece of modern art is assimilated into the green in perfect harmony. Kepler Denkmal (a monument for the famous physicist Joannes Kepler ) stands in the green belt of Fürst-Anselm-Allee .  Carnation, the nice blooming time in April, was right there to delight. Green is always soothing and calming.  Besides, it provides fresh air. Park Hotel Regensburg Remarkably beautiful historical buildings exist at every corner.  It can be a hotel, government office, gallery, residence, commercial building such as cafe, restaurant, etc.  They have different colours and styles to injec