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Sushi Shota

It's the third time visiting Sushi Shota .  First time dated back to 2005.  The CEO of my previous employer took me there.   Second time being a few months earlier.  I ordered a set of 'specified sushi' and noodle but non-stop delivery of delicate sushi lunch set got my attention.  I said to myself I would try it one day.   Then, today, a time to rest and taste the delicacy.  After this meal, I said I would come back another time. I arrived at around 1.45pm.   A few guests remain.  One could choose 8 out of 20 choices of sushi and 1 from 5 Maki (卷物).  I picked Tuna (吞拿), Yellow Tail (油金 ), Hirame (左口), Macherel (花鮫), Sea Eel (海鰻), Sea Urchin (海膽 ), Sweet Shrimp (甜蝦 ), Tai (snapper) and Netitoro Maki (吞拿魚腩).  The first dish was steamed egg.  Inside was crab meat, chicken and mushroom.  Then came the sushi displayed in a yummy way, fresh and calling 'we are here.....'  I slowed down the eating pace, chewing and tasting the sushi with consciousness.   The swe

Rocky Mountains

from It's a two-hour drive to the Rocky Mountains .  One can drive through from one to the other side of the mountains.  Everybody is warned at the ticket office on the possible encounter of bears and self protection techniques.  We were not lucky enough to see any creeping and approaching us. But a little boy feeding deer, elk from the far....  As one ascends higher and higher, plant height gets shorter.  To the extreme, it's tundra , attributed by the low temperature.   Somewhere in the middle you can park your car, jump into a souvenir shop to buy all kinds of stuff symbolising the Rocky Mountains.  This scene captured my attention.  A lonely woman, perhaps working there whilst having a break, sitting and smoking alone.  The descending path came a beautiful and peaceful lake circled by tall pine trees. Hearts washed by the tranquility.  Birds, animals glorified the nature. Harmony between animals and human beings...... The other sid