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Weltenburger Kloster

22 July 2013 It's a short while after we had been in Prague and Cesky Krumlov . Again, a day with sunshine and beautiful scenery.  We were out for Kelheim and the nearby spots:  Befreiungshalle , Danube Gorge and Weltenburg Abbey .  Check out the Befreiungshalle here.  Let me show you the scenic walk along the river Danube, the spectacular white rock and the massive Weltenburg Kloster . We started the walk from Kelheim along Danube around 12 at noon. It is a path alternate with sunshine and shade, rewarding with calm natural beauty. You can choose to take a cruise right at the beginning.  But I would still like to walk one way and return with a cruise.  For walking, you can stroll slowly, enjoy the breeze and sweat, climb up higher to have a panoramic view of the surrounding and the Weltenburg Abbey.  Superb! We took a detour, walking up a hill.  Ah ha, no obvious route to anywhere else.  But my family Heim was so good at finding ways.  A nice astray for a

Befreiungshalle, Kelheim

It was a sunny Monday, 22 July.  Fritz drove us from Katzwang to Kelheim , a town in Bavaria, situated at the confluence of two rivers, Altmühl and Danube .  We visited the town and two most spectacular spots: Befreiungshalle and Kloster Weltenburg   (Abbey). Befreiungshalle is a classical monument ordered by Ludwig I to memorise the victory of the battles against Napoleon, also called the battle of Leipzig , dated 1813-1815. The exterior façade is crowned 18 colossal statues as allegories of German tribes.  The number 18 also denotes the date that the troops of Napoleon were defeated. Inside are 34 white marble victories, holding hands symbolizing celebrating peace, joy, unification.  Grounded in the centre is a dictum: MOECHTEN DIE TEUTSCHEN NIE VERGESSEN WAS DEN EFREIUNGSKAMPF NOTHWENDIG MACHTE UND WODURCH SIE GESIEGT. translated into May the Germans never forget what made necessary the Struggle for Freedom and by what means they won. One can feel the h