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Cornello dei Tasso

12 April 2015 It was a sunny Sunday in May.  We headed up for our half-day trip to Pellegrino and thereafter Cornello dei Tasso via San Giovanni Bianco .  Cornello dei Tasso is an isolated village in the Bremado Valley. It is considered as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy which is best preserved medieval architectural and urban structure.  During its glorious days, it was the centre of commerce. The famous Tasso family , Thurn und Taxis (known for breweries and castle building skills in Germany) and later the founder of the postal system in Europe has its root there. You can have a beautiful view from Cornello dei Tasso.  It is over a river and surrounded by green meadows and nice houses.  Far away is a snow mountain.  Romantic!  Walking passed the entry arch, you will see old houses on different levels.  Pebble streets that are centuries old.  Tools and stuff used in the historical time were shown, not sure intentionally or unintentionally.  It brings you back

Vaprio d' Adda

19 April 2015 Vaprio d'Adda is a tiny town about 30 km away from Milan. It has a river, Adda and it is how the name is associated. Beautiful houses and retired factories buildings are sitting on both banks. It is a gorgeous view.  But Before the end of the visit, I noticed then Leonardo da Vinci lived here, in the enormous  Villa Melzi . We started the visit by a 12th century Romanesque church,  Chiesa di San Colombano .  It was closed on Sunday afternoon.  Outside stand a few pieces of sculpture.  They are cute.  A mermaid, unintreccio tape, a lion with two bodies and individual head, an angel protecting a child, a lion tearing its prey, etc. We walked towards the river Adda.  A spectacular walkway over Naviglio Vaprio welcomed us.  The design was inspired by the whirlpool so dear to Leonardo da Vinci. It received an award at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice in 2014. Walking down the spiral staircase, go left and cross