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Milan and Venice Trip

Hu hu!  I am going to Milan and Venice in 10 days.  This trip is mainly a visit trip plus a few days to participate in the annual Carnival in Venice .  It's a magical, fancy and mysterious event.  With a long craving, I will be there finally.  Luckily I can get a redemption ticket, hopping from Hong Kong to London and subsequently to Milan on 3rd Feburary.  Not yet sure what will be the good sightseeing points in the groomy cold winter.  But it will be nice to expose to world class designs and gourmet food.   My friend and I will go to Venice for a few days.  I must tell you I've unveiled a good site for value-added hotel, We book a little nice Venetian hotel for 3 nights at 198 Euro.  If you book directly from the hotel, 540 Euro will slip away from your wallet.  Let us try it out and validate. My first visit to Venice took place in 1991.  It was summer.  I visited Venice again and nearby cities 9 years ago.  It was January.