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Vietnam Practicalities - Snacks in Hanoi 越南小食

When speaking about food in Hanoi, one cannot skip street food. Our first street food in Hanoi was spring roll. Our guide took us to Hang Bac . A man was sitting in front a big pot of hot oil and frying only spring rolls. A woman helped to wrap it to guests. Wow, hot and fresh. Very tasty and we were happy. 有關於河內美食的話題,一定離不開街頭小食。 我們在越南第一道街頭小食是春卷,導遊帶我們去了Hang Bac,一個中年男子坐在一大鑊滾油前面,唯一的工作是炸春卷, 旁邊的婦人幫助包裝春卷給客人,哇,又熱又新鮮,非常熱! 但好好味,我們很快樂。 In the two weeks we tried various snacks in different cities. If you would like to enjoy them in a more elevated environment, Quan an Ngon  is a good choice. The restaurant is ancient architecture with mainly earth-tone colors. Such building can only be in the memory of the original Hanoi, in books and artworks. But it reappears in the reality.  Quan an Ngon is a big restaurant with a spacious garden. There are many food counters.  Each serves one or a few specialties. Many tables are available to serve guests. But it is always full at rush hours.