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Straubing part 2

  Let's continue the nice visit of Straubing . I wrote about the landmarks and a few churches in the last post and assume you have a fond impression of the town.  In this post, I would like to show you more appealing shots of the town, the river, Herzogschloß  (Ducal Palace), St. Peter cemetery and Gäubodenmuseum . Right at the town centre stand numerous colourful buildings. Restaurants, cafe and key brand shops are the major occupants at the ground floor. The combined beautiful scenes made us linger here and there.  We left the town centre for the St. Peter Cemetery which is around 2 kilometres away. The Gothic St. Peter church stands mighty and proudly.  It is the oldest church in Straubing. The art is very different from the extravagant form of the baroque churches. Frescoes dot the ground and upper floors of the church. Skeletons often appear as the key figures in the paintings. It would be lovely if someone would explain all those stories behind the paintings. Fabulous art