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The Roman Domvs, Rabat

We started the day with the Domvs Romana in Rabat , wandering and loss of each other, another visit to Mdina , swimming at the Golden beach , glimpse of Selima and nice dinner at Legligin .  The next day was goodbye and heading back to our respective home land. Domvs Romana is the only remaining ruin of an aristocratic Roman Town House (domvs) in Malta. It was built in first century B.C. A Muslim cemetery was built over it in 11th century. Until 1881 the site was discovered.  A museum was built and opened since 1882 to host the domvs with its elaborate mosaics, decorative architecture and imperial statues.  Visitors can visualise an urban house and people's daily life in the old days. A Roman domvs is a town house versus villa built outside the city wall. It was not just a private residence but served as public and political functions between the owner and the outside world. Business was conducted in the house. The main parts of the house are designed to serve th

The Three Cities, Malta

The Three Cities is a collective description of the three fortified cities of Vittoriosa (II-Birgu), Senglea, and Cospicua in Malta. Their position at the harbour front exposed them to maritime fortunes. Once flourished and were the base of people's home and fortress. The boat from Valletta landed at Vittoriosa . It is the oldest among the three, which has existed since the Middle ages. It was used as defence and renamed by a Grand Master as Civitas Vittoriosa, 'Victorious Town'.  Vittoriosa was the first home of the Knights when they arrived in 1530.  It contains many architectural riches.  The Knights 'auberges' (inns of residence), palaces and churches are older than those in Valletta.  At its tips stands the Fort St. Angelo , perhaps the oldest fortress on the island. Other highlights include the church of St. Lawrence , the Inquisitor's Palace and the Maritime Museum . We first took the way to the Church of Saint Lawrence .