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Straubing is an old Bavarian ducal town. It is situated in Gäuboden (flat and fertile soil) on the River Danube between Regensburg and Passau .   The royal seat of the House of Wittelsbach in Straubing reached its heyday during the era of the Duchy of Straubing-Holland from 1353-1425. Straubing remained important for a few centuries but faded since the beginning of the last century. Nevertheless, Straubing's beauty continues to charm her visitors. The centre is composed with pastel-colour buildings of different periods. The pedestrian square is dominated by the Gothic Stadtturm (city tower) (1316). It traps everyone's sight. The richly gabled Rathaus (townhall) stands quietly and humbly next to it. The city tower in Straubing was built as a watch and fire tower. It is located in the middle of the town square, a 600 meters long street market. One side is the Ludwigsplatz and the side Theresienplatz. The tower also functioned for custom purpose. It levied duties on the pa


After a nice half day in Marktbreit , we headed further to Ansbach . Can you guess what the first thing my friend's mother, Berta, was looking after?  Toilet? No!  Boutique? No!  Supermarket? No!   It's German cream cheesecake at the Orangerie . The nice afternoon tea break provided energy for the next hours to visit the elegant town, well known for Franconian Rococo . Ansbach is the commercial and administrative centre for the Middle Franconia region. One of its magnetic attributes is the colourful assortment of townhouses and noble houses. The enticing old town is dotted with modern sculptures. It adds fun to the administrative centre. Apart from art, Ansbach also has dedication to music. The Bachwoche Ansbach ( Ansbach Bach Week ) is a biennial music festival in Ansbach, dedicated to the life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach , held since 1947.  The most notable and important historical building in Ansbach is the  Palace of the Margraves  (1713–32), with a fine park. The


Marktbreit am Main is a little medieval town (3,700 inhabitants) in the district of Kitzingen at the the Lower Franconia in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated at the most southern point of the Main river . Marktbreit is the birthplace of Alois Alzheimer who first identified the symptoms of what is now known as Alzheimer's Disease . Marktbreit is filled with buildings of different architecture styles. The most dominant is the typical Fachwerk , timber framing / post and beam construction. Other major styles include Gothic, Renaissance, etc. The little town is like a dream place, a fairy tale setting. Love it! We arrived at the railway station at around 10 am. It is a tiny cute building at the top of the town. Just descend down, you will be amazed with the charming buildings around. And within a few minutes you will come to the centre. We started our visit to the St. Nikolai Church . The protestant church “St. Nicolai” consists of a late Gothic presbytery and an early Gothic tow